Thursday, December 9, 2010

Updates from Goal Jordan

We asked Hala Al Zou`bi, our City Coordinator for Goal in Amman, to give us an update on what's happening with our Jordan launch. Here's what she's had to say so far:

I'm really glad to be part of the Goal project because it will not help the girls only in the short term (the period of the project), it will help them in the long term; in the way of dealing with their life, in the decision making process, in how to raise their kids in the future in how their kids will raise their kids and so on (as it will effect more than one generation).

Being part of this empowerment process is very amazing; helping girls and leading them to take and lead their lives in an open minded thinking to take the right choices, teaching them how to think how to take care of themselves.

At first I was very excited when I start reading the project (because all of the benefit which will affect the life's of the girls) but when I moved to the next step which was to choose the establishments to implement the project I was like flying from happiness as I notice the big smile which were painted in the faces of the managers which I explained the Goal project to and I felt more happy and excited when they told me that the girls in their areas are very marginalized and don’t have any one to lead them to the right way don’t have anything to fill their free time and that I'm bringing them the right project the project which will help them not just in the short run but in their whole life.

One of the sentences which I heard from the managers of the establishments and effect me and encouraged me the most is ''you are saving generations'' as it was the first sentence which the manager of Al Mansora Princess Basma Center told me after I finished explaining the project for her, actually the way and the excitement of her when she told me the sentence was just AMAZING !!

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