Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Punitha's Progress

Goal participant Punitha is a 14 year old girl from Saidapet, a Goal site in Chennai. She hails from a challenged socio-economic background. She is the eldest and has two younger siblings. Her father is a ‘coolie ‘(daily laborer) and her mother works as a housemaid.

Seeing her family situation, she had always wanted to study well and get into to a good career to support her family financially. She has never played sports, and the first time when she heard the term ‘Netball’ it was something very new to her. Punitha was a very timid and soft spoken girl, but no more she is the same, she has gained confidence and had overcome her shyness.

“Usually girls do not play in the common play ground in our locality; I never thought that I would ever step into this ground to play. Whenever I would cross this playground in our community, I would think to myself - ‘Can I ever go and play inside this area?’ But now, I just can’t believe that it has become a reality!” says Punitha.

Going to school and helping her mother with household chores was all that she thought she can do and should do being a girl. She longer has this attitude, after joining Goal, her perspective of being a girl has changed.

“After being a part of this Goal Program, I learnt that sports can also be a channel to identify my goal and ambition and work towards it”, says Punitha.

Punitha wants to learn to use a computer and aspires to become a doctor. She feels that the Goal sessions are very useful and it’s a great opportunity for girls like her as it improves skills.

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