Friday, December 3, 2010

Spotlight on Mifalot

Today we're returning to the theme of organisations that empower girls and young people through sports. This week's organisation is called Mifalot.

Important advances in contributing towards peace in the Middle East are being made by Mifalot. And the vehicle that is bridging the divides between 20,000 Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian children every year? Football.

By building bonds of friendship between children across religious, ethnic, cultural and political differences on the football field, Mifalot hopes that mutual respect and understanding is achieved off the field too.

Over 300 programmes in the region use football and educational activities to develop the skills and values that the children need to learn, grow and succeed in their community and the world.

The programmes reach out to those most in need: disadvantaged and socially marginalised children, new immigrants, refugees, and children with special needs. Social integration and, more importantly, acceptance of other ethnic groups are facilitated through the programmes. Gal Paleg, International Development Manager of Mifalot, describes Mifalot's vision as "capturing the power of football in order to build more active, compassionate, just and cohesive communities, and to promote peaceful coexistence in our immediate region and beyond.”

Mifalot’s invaluable work and programmes are also being adapted to help even more children in Rwanda, Cameroon and Haiti.

All that hard work over the past 13 years is paying off...

Mifalot and Hapoel Tel Aviv Football Club won “Sport Team of the Year” at this year’s Beyond Sports awards. Congratulations! Click here to read about other winners.

Click here to visit Mifalot's website.

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