Monday, October 24, 2011

Coach Story: Mayyada and North Badia's Girls

Mayyada Al-Muafyee, a 21-years old goal coach, lives in North Badia; a Male dominate- conservative community with high percentage of unemployment and community interference in girls lives (who despite their education only have one choice after graduation: marriage).

Shortly after joining Goal Project in the training workshop with Right To Play, Mayyada' father passed away (the only and main supporter of the family). Instead of breaking down, Mayyada was encouraged to provide girls around her with chances she never had:

"I wish I had that chance when I was younger! to simply play, and be more aware of my health, body and manage my finances. Even my mom is using the Goal Manual to manage the household finances, especially after the loss of my father. Whenever I have a session you'd find my mom waking me up earlier than usual in order for me not to be late on my goal Champions all because of her belief in the project"

Totally dedicated and responsible towards her community, Mayyada participated in different activities previously, mainly concentrating on child care and motherhood, but never transferred that knowledge to any of her community members simply because she was shy and isolating herself. After joining Goal project her self confidence increased and through training 13-15 years old girls she no longer feels shy to stand in front of mothers to raise some sensitive issues. Furthermore, feedback from participating girls is that their mothers wish that they had been given the chance to take the training workshop after watching their girls become more expressive about their feelings and more aware of serious health issues.
Mayyada dreams of becoming a teacher in a rehabilitation centre within two years to help those who need help because of her realization to the inner strength she has and the great effect she can have on other people's lives, all through implementing Goal Project.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Update from Jordan: Two young girls find their inner strength through Goal

Hana* and Hiba* are two young 9th grade students from Zumlet Al-Amer Ghazi Girls School. Violent and repressed by their communities, these girls had a problem of being themselves and acting like a teenage girls. Yet thanks to efforts by Right To Play's Goal program coaches, Hana and Hiba have managed to find the path to discover themselves and find the beauty within.

Before the introduction of the Goal program workshops titled "Be Yourself" "Be Empowered", Hana and Hiba believed that they are unappreciated for being young females; they believed that if they were males their lives would be much easier and they could do and achieve any thing they want. In their own words:

"We don't believe we have a future, males in our society are much more dominant and they always get what they want, while we are always at the bottom" Hana and Hiba

In their School, Hana and Hiba were hard to deal with and violent with other girls. This was a huge matter of concern to their teachers until Right To Play introduced and conducted Goal workshop sessions in the school.

Hana and Hiba joined the Goal program coaches in Al Badia Al Shamliah area and started following and interacting positively with what they were being taught. The sessions focused on developing skills for girls to better understand who they are. Initially not thinking the program would change anything, Hana and Hiba saw and learned how to express themselves politely and ask for what they want.

After taking all "Be Yourself" sessions, Hana and Hiba have become more aware of themselves and how much they can do. They started behaving in a friendlier manner and acting their own age, they learned that they are allowed to have fun and achieve great things too.

Filled with hope for a better future, Hana and Hiba are now actively involved in the program and are participating in every session. They have improved their social relations with their friends and teachers and are much more attentive in class.

*Alias names

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Watch the Girls 20 Summit live!

Can't make it to Paris to take part in the Summit? There's no longer a need to panic... You can now be up to speed by watching it live.

Starting this morning, watch the panel on 'girls and women as engines of growth' at 10 15am and a debate led by the Nike Foundation at 11 45am.

This is just the start of an exciting agenda over the next few days!