Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Spotlight on One World Futbol

This week we're looking at a fantastic organisation called One World Fubtol.

Photo by Rory Earnshaw

Who are One World Futbol?

A football that can never be punctured, never goes flat, never needs to be pumped and can be played on all terrains- an impossible dream? Well, it's now a reality thanks to One World Futbol!

One World Futbol was inspired by the determination of children living in Darfur's refugee camps to play their favourite game no matter what, even if it meant making footballs out of trash. The creation of an indestructible football is allowing any child, anywhere in the world to enjoy playing football at any time.

Photo by Helmut Schleppi

These unique footballs are sold using the "Give One, Get One" model, so for every football sold, a second one will be donated by the One World Futbol project to a disadvantaged community. The not-for-profit foundation also distributes footballs through local NGOs, which serve people in refugee camps, conflict zones and communities in poverty around the world.

Photo by Ngueuliebou Frederic

The co-founder of One World Futbol, Tim Jahnigen, had this to say about the project: " The One World Futbol projects strives to improve the lives of youth and adults in disadvantaged communities worldwide by distributing an ultra-durable soccer ball to organisations on the ground in war zones, refugee camps, inner cities, and harsh environments for use in their work with communities in need."

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