Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rain stops play?

Here’s a photo of the Goal girls at Elphinstone Road in Mumbai caught in the rain.

Coming from Britain, I thought I was used to rain. But comparing the drizzle at home to the Indian monsoon is like comparing a dripping tap to a burst pipe. Over here, the skies open up and the rain explodes upon us.

The people of Mumbai seem well-adjusted to the disruption, which delays trains for an hour or more most days, and brings the already gridlocked traffic to a stand-still. As an observer the rain may be atmospheric and exciting, but its impact on people’s lives is immense. Roofs leak, roads flood, clothes are drenched and cars break down.

However, as you can see, the Mumbaikers seem to just up their umbrellas and get on with it!

While the Goal girls aren't playing much netball in this weather, they're still attending their regular sessions, learning about topics such as personal hygiene, peer pressure and communication.

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