Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ghusbeti - Goal Delhi's newest site

This past Wednesday, the 10th of August, the Goal Delhi team visited their newest site in Ghusbeti. Ghusbeti is a small town about 80km outside of Delhi. The Goal site, in particular, is located in a girls hostel for students of the Deepalaya school of Ghusbeti. The Deepalaya school is tucked away on top off a hill, surrounded by beautiful, rolling green fields (quite a shock to the eyes after the largely urban landscape of Delhi!).

The view from inside the Deepalaya school at Ghusbeti.
We first arrive at the school itself where the kids have just been dismissed for lunch. They swarm around our truck cooing calls of "Good morning maam,"and "Maam, shoot me please! Me!" To understand that it might be helpful to explain that the camera was out at this point! We gather the girls participating in Goal and head over to their hostel, where their Goal session will be held.

Here's some of the girls from the spontaneous lunchtime photo shoot:

Once we get to the hostel, most of the girls quickly shed their 'dupattas'and don their netball gear ready to hit the field. Coaches Sonali and Sandhya hold warm ups and drills, which the girls thoroughly enjoy. They cover basic netball passes and then line up for shooting practice. They then play a great game where the girls try and hit the person in the middle of the circle with the netball, while that person tries to dodge and make a record for how many times they can avoid the ball. Everyone gets involved, including the entire Goal team! Here's some pictures from the netball session:

Finally, the girls pack up and head inside for their life skills session which deals with: "The Story of Violence." Many of the girls do not even know what 'violence' is, but by the end of the session they have learnt the different types of violence that can be committed against them and what they should do if they are the victims of any of these acts. The girls are enthusiastically listening, despite the sweltering heat, and volunteer ways of protecting themselves from any kind of violence.

For more pictures of the afternoon, you can visit this link.

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  1. Hey.. Its good to read this update.

    Even I know this place. I appreciate the great work by you guys to reach so far in the deep.