Monday, August 2, 2010

Goal and the Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games fever is already starting in India and we here at Goal couldn't be more excited. Of course you know our star Goal Champion Deepali will be representing India (and Goal!) on the national netball team. But we also had a visit from Carmel Wright, the netball Competition Manager for the Commonwealth Games to our Delhi site last week. Here's what she had to say about her experience:

I visited one of the Goal programmes earlier this week. Four of our volunteers for the Commonwealth Games are from the Goal program and in the photo (two of them are Goal Champions, training the girls and teaching them netball skills as well as other life skills).

The girls look so forward to just the netball.I was very impressed with this group and, being an umpire, I could not help myself from giving a helping hand.

The enthusiasm of this group was amazing and discovering the difficulties some girls face to be a part of this group is astounding. Parents are kind of untrusting ( for want of a better way to put it) as they do not want their daughters to become involved in a program they think might be detrimental to their daughters. One girl recently got married and she has the support of her husband to attend this program. We do not realize how much we take for granted in our lives when you consider the plight of these girls.The young ones are sisters of some of those in the group and they are as keen as mustard to join in.

The people who run this group are obviously very special people and I take my hat off to them , for their dedication and giving of time to bring so much joy and spirit to these girls. I can honestly say the four girls we have as volunteers and who are coaches for this program are just a delight .

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