Friday, January 22, 2010

Spotlight Follow-up: Checking in with Sandhya

Last year we told you about Sandhya, our Goal Champion in Delhi doing great things with netball. Today from Kalyani we got an update on Sandhya's progress in Goal:

There has been tremendous change in Sandhya over the last one year. She has become more confident and professional in her attitude. As a Goal Champion, Sandhya had been conducting netball sessions at all the Goal sites and also facilitating sessions with the new girls.

After observing her sincerity and dedication towards the program, Goal program hired Sandhya as a part-time coach on the Goal Delhi programme. It was a great achievement for Sandhya to be the one among all the girls to be chosen as a coach.

Sandhya works as a part of team, coaching the new girls in netball and also assisting with the module delivery.She has also been provided a lot of inputs for personal development: she has been exposed to trainings on health and sexuality. She also got two opportunities to participate in national netball tournaments. In October 2009, she went to Chattisgarh and their team bagged second position in the tournament and in December Sandhya participated in the National Tournament at Nasik.

Sandhya’s family and school feel extremely proud of her achievement. She now aspires to complete her XII grade and pursue a course in physical education. She has travelled a long journey from being a prankster and a bully to a sincere, hardworking and disciplined person.

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