Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spotlight: Meet Sandhya

We are so proud of Sandhya for being selected to play for the Delhi team in the School National Games which will be held at Chattisgarh! Sandhya has been part of the Goal programme for the past two years, and joined as a Coach in August 2009.

“The programme brought about a lot of change in me. Earlier I was very bossy and would sometimes bully others as well. Now I understand that everyone has the right to speak and express his or her point of view, which need not match with mine but are equally important.”

Sandhya had always been a prankster at school and was known to be a troublemaker by her teachers and schoolmates. However, as she became involved in Goal, many underlying leadership qualities in her started showing as she started taking initiative in netball and attended all the sessions. She would constantly ask questions and was completely committed and involved in the programme. Her teachers were very happy to see that her behavior and attitude towards her teachers and friends also started to change with her participation in the Goal activities. This is what her school-principal had to say:

“Since Sandhya has been part of Goal there has been a tremendous change in her. She used to always be in the bad books with her teachers. Now she has improved her communication and social skills and is polite and gentle as she speaks. She has shown great leadership qualities as I watch her teaching netball to the new Goal participants”. Ms Shikha Pal, Principal, Deepalaya Govindpuri School

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