Thursday, January 28, 2010

Women Mean Business

We think the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women is great, and had the great pleasure of spekaing with Cherie at Plan International's Because I Am A Girl launch event last year. So when they asked if we wanted to set up a booth on Goal at their Women Mean Business event in Mumbai, we jumped at the chance.

We heard the event was a big success from our Mumbai Goal coordinator Namrata, who had this to report:

"The conference enabled us to get a glimpse into the illustrious lives of India’s most highly successful professionals along with an opportunity to gain from their knowledge and experience!

The Chief Guest for the conference was Ms Cherie Blair herself. It was indeed wonderful to listen to Ms Blair talk about how to strengthen the capacity of women entrepreneurs in countries where they lack equal opportunities so that they can grow their business and become greater contributors to their economies.

The conference was divided into six sessions enabling participants to choose from. The first session began with a welcome speech by Indu Shahani, Sheriff of Mumbai. The main sessions looked at Triumphs, Tribulations and Challenges on the way to the Top –Leadership: Next Step Up, Entrepreneurship: Essential Factors in starting a Business and Giving Back to the community, The Untrodden Path: Unconventional Career Choices and Dress for Success.

It was a great opportunity for me to be part of the conference. In a society which has been largely male dominated, it was very inspiring to listen to the experiences of so many successful women in India today. From achieving great laurels in various fields from the corporate world to Government services, women in India have emerged as leaders in both thought and action and it made me proud to see that we have so many of them.

Besides the panel discussions, various organizations and NGO had put up their stalls and Goal too had a stall. It felt great to have Ms Cherie Blair visit our stall. This was a good platform to present our program to all and share our experience."

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