Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Run girl run!

Every year, Standard Chartered sponsors marathons around the world. The Mumbai Marathon is one of our biggest and best, and this year we're so excited that Goal participants, Champions, and coaches from Mumbai will be running with Henry Wanyoike, a Paralympic gold medalist and world track champion.

Henry knows something about overcoming challenges - although left blind in 1995 by a paralytic stroke, Henry went on to become a world champion, running marathons with his sighted partner Joseph Kibunja. Henry is an ambassador for Seeing is Believing, another Standard Chartered programme that raises funds and gives practical support to prevent and treat avoidable blindness.

Henry and Joseph Kibunja spent 2 hours yesterday with the 22 confident and enthusiastic yGoal participants in a pre-marathon training session held yesterday at the Mumbai University Sports Pavilion. During the session, Henry shared running tips with the young women while encouraging them to dream big, fearlessly pursue their goals, while always remembering to give back to their community.

“The Marathon represents the overcoming, can-do-all spirit, which is the message I want to give to whoever I interact with. Today, I feel privileged to share that message with these confident young women. As an ambassador for Seeing is Believing, I also want to encourage these women and others to give back to their communities. I am pleased that the women here will run to raise awareness for causes that are important to their community,” Henry said.

The marathon takes place on Sunday, so if you're in the area, show up and cheer on our girls!

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