Monday, June 6, 2011

Spotlight: Dorcas

We’re very excited to share our first case study from Goal Nigeria with you! Watch out for more coming your way!

At 14 years old, Etetuk Dorcas has already decided that she wants to be a doctor like the famous neurosurgeon, Ben Carson, so that she can help her community in Lagos, Nigeria.

Dorcas initially saw Goal as being one of those after-school clubs. After joining the programme, she realized that this one was different.

She was taught about the importance of life skills, being healthy and working hard at school so that she has the leadership skills to face any challenge in life. In her own words: “I have improved physically, morally, socially and am now very careful on how I spend money because of my new knowledge on financial literacy”.

Being encouraged to work hard at school has helped Dorcas realize that she could transform her dream of being a doctor into reality. “It is my dream to become a doctor and do my best to save lives. I wrote and directed a play and I played the role of a medical doctor. I love the way the stereoscope and white apron appeared on me!” Dorcas realizes that she needs to work hard to fulfill her dream: “I am now at the top of my class. I used to struggle before Goal but I came first in my exams.”

Dorcas has also learnt about how important it is to be healthy: “I take my personal hygiene very seriously- menstruation and other natural body changes are no longer a taboo for me”.

A large part of being healthy is doing regular exercise. In Nigeria, our Goal girls play football rather than netball- something which Dorcas, as captain of her football team, is great at. She’s learnt that being a captain also means that she has to take on more responsibility to encourage her teammates to play as a team and try their absolute best to win.

Dorcas’ teacher says: “Dorcas is hard working and always ready to sacrifice her time to help others to learn”.

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