Friday, June 3, 2011

Liu Lingling and Wang Jing train as Goal Trainers for migrant communities in China

Lingling is a staff member of Plan International. She took part in Right To Play’s Goal Trainer Training with Wang Jing, a Student at Nanging University to learn about the Goal Girls curriculum and how to train Goal Champions in her community.

Lingling and Wangjing both enjoyed the training and intend to use lessons learned in the future. They took different things away from the experience but both liked the participatory methodology employed during each session. As Wang put it: “the previous trainings I participated always discussed the students answer and then provided a correct and standard answer from the point of view of the trainer/teacher. This way always damages and reduces the enthusiasm and the self-esteem of students/participants.” She is looking forward to trying these training methods which focus on listening to participants and allowing them to share and to promote accepting multiple points of view to the Goal trainings she will conduct with migrant girls/youth.

Lingling agreed, saying that “prior to participating in the training, I thought the training would be a trainer-led discussion and that the participants would discuss the topics and the trainer would give a summary of the results and conclusions. But the goal trainer training provided other ways of participatory training, such as participant-led discussions, discussion and learning through games, role playing and other interactive teaching/learning methods. These training methods can increase the participation of girls as well to participate in discussions and also mobilize everyone and encourage participant enthusiasm.”

Wangjing also enjoyed learning about HIV/AIDs as part of the Be Healthy Goal Curriculum. She says that “before the training, I had limited knowledge about HIV and AIDS and girls protection. After having participated in the trainer training, now I know much more knowledge related to AIDS and girls’ protection, such as the infection source of HIV, transmission mechanisms and prevention measures. Moreover, I have taught and shared this knowledge with my peers, and told them how to protect themselves and prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS.”

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