Thursday, October 14, 2010

IFNA Visits Goal!

Last week, Molly Rhone, President of IFNA, Urvasi Naidoo, CEO of IFNA, along with Kate Palmer, CEO of Netball Australia, took a day off from the Commonwealth Games to visit Goal! After lunch at the Naz office the team made their way to the Goal site at the Deepalaya school in Sanjay Colony.

The girls welcome Ms. Rhone and Ms. Palmer to Sanjay Colony

The girls of Sanjay Colony, together with new Goal Delhi Coach Pooja Rawat, had prepared a play showcasing the story of Goal for their visitors. The play started showed a Goal girls journey, from the challenges faced at home to finally growing and learning through the program and becoming a Goal champion.

After sharing some songs with the visitors, some of the Deepalaya teachers and parents offered to share their personal stories about how Goal has impacted their girls. It was fantastic to see so many community members and school faculty sharing together about how much Goal has helped their girls. After that, it was of course time for some netball! The girls played a quick match and then Ms. Rhone, Ms. Naidoo, and Ms. Palmer shared some chocolates, presents, and stories with the Goal participants.

A proud parent shares her own daughters' Goal story.

After goodbyes, the team made their way to the Jaitpur site to see a Goal league match between the girls of Aali Gaon and Jaitpur. In this "season" for Goal, the Aali Gaon girls and Jaitpur girls have battled it out on the court several times. For this final match, the entire Goal batch from Aali and Jaitpur gathered to cheer on their respective teams.

Matches were played between the old and new batches of Goal and it was a fantastic day for Aali as they managed to win both matches! The Jaitpur girls showed great sportsmanship and handed the winning side chocolates as a reward. Then, Ms. Rhone awarded Savita, a Center from Aali, the best player of the day.

The winners celebrate their 10-6 victory!

Molly Rhone hugs Savita, star player of the day
An added bonus - our visitors were fantastic enough to bring with them an official Commonwealth netball for the girls to use in their match!

Finally, sadly, the day had to end, and Ms. Rhone shared some inspiring thoughts with the girls before they finally had to leave. Ms. Rhone told the girls how once she was just like them, a young girl who loved netball and loved to play. With hard work and passion for the game, she was able to reach where she is today! The Goal team and the IFNA team exchanged presents, and as they say "Great minds think alike," both teams had prepared an almost identical photo collage for each other!

I think to sum up the day, this picture pretty much says it all:

You can see more pictures here.

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  1. Great Photos thank you Rushika. Thanks to all the Goal Girls we really enjoyed the visit. You are in our hearts always.