Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gulabsha Parveen - Goal Star

This is 14-year-old Gulabsha Parveen from Jaitpur, Delhi. Last month, in a coaching clinic with Dr. Bimla Pawar and Carmel Wright, she was awarded an Honorary Diamond by Carmel Wright, on behalf of Netball Australia for her passion and improvements in netball.

When asked to talk about the changes the Goal program has made in her life, Gulabsha smiles enthusiastically as usual. Youngest of 4 sisters, Gulabsha never thought she would be lucky enough as the boys in her school to get the chance to play a sport. Then last year, she heard stories about some girls from her “gaon” getting to play every week with each other and getting chances to play in national tournaments. She made her way over to the Goal Jaitpur site and stood outside the ground watching sessions, too afraid to enter.

The coaches and Goal staff noticed her constantly standing outside and finally persuaded her to come inside and join in the program. Her father, a labourer, and her mother, a tailor, motivated Gulabsha to join in the Goal program with her sister.

As they say, the rest is history! Gulabsha quickly picked up the game and shone across the court. From her very first session, rain or shine, Gulabsha has always been present excitedly awaiting that days’ lesson. Not only did Gulabsha excel at netball in no time at all, but the Goal staff says her enthusiasm for the game was truly infectious! The other girls watching her play always try to play better themselves, just because of the enthusiasm Gulabsha shows for playing and learning. After becoming an Honorary Diamond for Netball Australia, Gulabsha has become even more of a hero to all the other girls.

Not only has Gulabsha improved tremendously in netball in the short time she has participated with Goal so far, but the Goal staff have noticed immense growth in her as a person.

“Before she joined the program, Gulabsha would awkwardly stand outside the gates to our ground. She was too shy to ask to play with the other girls. Now, we have seen her become such a confident girl, serving as a role-model for all the others. She is always present, always enthusiastic, and has now started motivating the other girls around her. We have seen her grow into a self confident, strong leader!”
- Shashi Bharti, Program Officer- Goal Delhi

Gulabsha said of her experience with Goal:

“First I would come to the program and stand outside because I did not know anything about netball. I was very scared to play but then seeing all the girls play together and having the coaches tell me I can also play made me want to join also. I thought I would just come play one or two times and then go back home. But then I loved the game so much, I never wanted to stop playing! I kept practicing and I now have become so much better. I feel very proud at becoming good after working so hard.”

“I never thought I would get to see a Commonwealth stadium, but I also got to play a match in such a good stadium!! Carmel Maam also gave me a Honorary Diamond and told me she was very proud of how much I have improved. I could not even believe that she knew my name or was impressed by my game! After that experience, I feel maybe I can practice even harder and my love for netball can also become my career later. I am now inspired to study harder and play harder than before because I now feel like I can reach somewhere in my life.”

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