Monday, October 18, 2010

Goal in India is still loving netball

Sadly India did not make it to the Netball finals at the Commonwealth Games.


Our Goal girls in Delhi, India still love to play netball and their enthusiasm has definitely not been dampened!
This continual excitment for netball has been noticed by

Jaya Tiwari, a coordinator with the Naz Foundation (India) Trust says that Goal has changed these girls for the better:

“The level of confidence has increased a lot. The concept of ‘I’ has come into their lives. It was not there before. This is one hour at least they are just playing [netball] for themselves. They are not playing for us. They're playing because they want to play.”

Read more on this article on our Goal program in India.

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  1. Never Mind if we couldn't make it to CWG...!
    What matters is the love for the game....!