Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You start the girl effect

I've just been watching the webcast from the CGI meeting on Empowering Girls and Women. The video I've posted below is really great- I was totally hooked. It's from girl effect and was shown at the Empowering Girls and Women meeting.

Girl effect believes that if young girls are given a chance, they can end poverty themselves and for the world. This is by becoming educated, staying healthy and HIV negative, marrying when they want to, and raising a healthy family.

A girl reaches a cross-road at 12 years old...

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  1. Hi I'm Katie. I work for Ruder Finn on the Make Women Matter campaign on behalf of Marie Stopes International.

    I really like the Girl effect video. It’s very moving. Hard to believe that a child of 12 could be considered an adult and encounter so many problems aged 14. I feel this video highlights not only the importance of the MDGs but also the fact that MDGs are achievable if we work together. That’s what we’re hoping. We’re trying to get people to work together through our Make Women Matter campaign which is also centred around films ( These films depict the issues that need to be addressed for us to achieve MDG 5, a target that isn’t impossible. Thanks for sharing the Girl effect video and helping to make sure the message reaches everyone as quickly as possible.