Friday, September 24, 2010

International Literacy Day at Goal

To celebrate International Literacy Day on 8th September, Standard Chartered Volunteers, who have been teaching English to the Goal girls of Aali Gaon, wanted to celebrate the girls efforts and give them a little incentive to keep continuing their education. 10 volunteers from different SCB branches around Delhi headed down to the Aali Gaon site to play and learn with (and from!) the girls of Aali.

After playing some games and practicing some drills, the SCB volunteers lined up alongside the Goal girls to talk about how important education has been in their lives. The bank staff shared some inspiring stories with the girls to persuade them to never give up their studies.

The day ended with the staff handing out notebooks and pencils to all the girls who had shown commitment to learning and improving their English skills.

On a side note, the most exciting part of the day for me was watching the girls introduce themselves in English. A couple of weeks ago, most of the girls did not know how to say "My name is..." and now they were proudly looking the staff in the eye and proclaiming "My name is ..., I am from Aali and I am a Goal champion!"

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