Friday, September 3, 2010

Consumer Banking leaders get dirty with Goal!

**Here's a report from our India team as part of a massive volunteer day they organised this for 100 Consumer Banking staff**

Steve Bertamini, Group Executive Director and CEO Consumer Banking, along with his top leadership team, concluded their volunteering activity in India a while back by literally putting smiles on the faces of hundreds of people, who we work with in our communities in India.

Over 100 people started their working day on a different note. Eye testing instruments and shovels replaced the blackberries, pens and markers, cake recipes replaced the business plans and strategizing, for a change, happened on a cricket ground.

One of four groups headed out to Goal partner Asha Sadan to run a garden landscape competition. Three teams comprising of Goal girls and Bank colleagues, were busy preparing three separate stretches of landscape, putting their creativity to use. Armed with the gardening tools, plants, rocks, and rain coats , they were just not ready to let anyone spoil the chance of showcasing their creativity. The outcome was brilliant. They then went on to play a netball match with the girls and left full of mud all over and with bright smiles on their faces. A plaque was put on the site by Steve.

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