Monday, October 8, 2012

Meet Rohida Pathan

Rohida Pathan, a 21 year old Goal participant is doing her traineeship as a computer teacher at the Goal site of Abhinav Gyan Mandir, Mankhurd.

Rohida has been living at the Goal site of Asha Sadan, a home for girls and women in distress, for the last 6 years. When Goal was launched at Asha Sadan in 2009, Rohida lacked confidence and was not too enthusiastic, but gradually became motivated when she saw the girls enjoying netball and listening to them talk about the life skill sessions.

Rohida graduated from the Goal programme in 2010. In 2011 she underwent the skills assessment conducted by Standard Chartered Bank which gave her feedback that she needed to work on her English speaking and writing skills. Rohida worked hard to improve her skills and in 2011, was selected to undergo a Computer course as a part of a sponsorship from the Transaction Convenience Team of Standard Chartered Bank, Mumbai.

In July 2012 on completion of the course, Rohida was placed on a traineeship at the Goal site of Abhinav Gyan Mandir where she teaches computer basics to the students.

Graduating from Goal and pursuing the computer skills has changed Rohida's life considerably. Along with the computer teaching, Rohida is pursuing her 12th grade from Sir Eli Kaduri College in Mumbai. Rohida said

"Goal has taught me about the importance of about savings and budgeting and becoming financially independent. I got the inspiration to study further from my training position. Now I want to do pursue my graduation and further enhance my computer skills"

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