Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Meet latest Goal champion, Raoyao Li

Raoyao Li, 16, is in her second year at the Yuzhong Vocational Training School, specializing in nursing. She excelled amongst her peers to become one of the Goal Champions, after completing the Go Youth! curriculum.

“I like the Financial Literacy module in particular and it is having a great impact on me. I used to be casual with money but after finishing the course, I realized that I should manage my money rationally and shouldn’t spend money on unnecessary items. Once, when accompanying a friend for groceries, I saw a beautiful bracelet that I wanted so much. Then I remembered the session about ‘Needs and Wants’ and  decided to save the money for future.”

Raoyao was selected to become a Goal champion along with 26 other girls. The girls first started sharing their knowledge and experience to their peers in September 2012, after receiving training and ongoing mentoring. Raoyao talked about how she felt proud of herself for becoming a Goal Champion. She said how she is determined “to help others, just as I once was offered help through the Goal Programme.”

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