Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gowri’s graduated with flying colours

Gowri Mudaliar a 16 year old girl from Mumbai is now a Goal Champion! She successfully graduated from the Goal in April this year. Gowri is from a family of five, her father is not presently working and her elder brother is the only provider for the entire family!

When Gowri first came to Goal she was shy and quiet although had lots of potential to show her energy and enthusiasm; with regular attendance to the Goal sessions she grew in confidence and interacted and laughed with her peers.

She grew a love for sport and discovered a lot of life skills, from this she became part of the “train for trainers” programme which has uncovered initiative and the ability to take responsibility which is the future will assist the family, especially her elder brother who has all financial responsibility for the whole family at the moment.

Train for Trainers” benefits the trainer as they feel more empowered by passing on the lessons they learnt onto other girls who are in similar situations. It is also less daunting for those girls who came to learn as they know the trainers were once at the same stage as them and can relate to the trainers more easily.

Gowri is in the 5th grade and will complete the state level exams in order to go to college. Gowri’s potential is increasing with achieving one of the top marks in her school, with her budding marks and love for maths and economics her aspirations of being a Chartered account are likely to come true!

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