Sunday, August 21, 2011

Spotlight: Mamta

It was Mamta’s sister who first introduced her to Goal.

Neetu, was one of the first girls to join Goal in our site in Delhi, India. When she was taking part in Goal, Mamta discouraged her, wondering why she was a part of a programme which encouraged girls to play netball in the heat and get a suntan! Neetu’s reply was that her younger sister should sign up and see for herself.

Mamta decided to join the programme and see what the fuss was about! At first, she was very scared and shy both on and off the netball court. Before she joined, she wasn’t allowed to go outside her house alone.

One year on
One year of being a part of the Goal programme and she’s completely changed. She’s one of the best netball players and is a great team leader. After learning life skills from the Goal curriculum, Mamta feels confident that she can deal with any situation that comes her way.

In December 2010, Mamta was recruited as a Goal Delhi assistant coach as well as being a Goal Champion. She now teaches other Goal girls the valuable life skills that helped her.

Unfortunately her mother passed away earlier this year. With her sister now married, she has to look after the house herself. However, she still makes time to follow her dreams of working in the police force and was one of the first girls in her neighborhood to pursue a graduate degree.

In Mamta’s words: “My mother had a dream that I would always play sport and ultimately become part of Delhi Police service. I am striving hard to get selected into the police. I have got so much confidence from Goal, that now, I am sure of fulfilling my dreams.

Learn more on how Goal changed Mamta’s life by watching her video diary.

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