Friday, August 19, 2011

Goal Girls: Training on Migrant Girls Case Study 2

Genping Xiang, High School Graduate, Green Leaf Volunteer Association meeting room, Jiangbei Region, Chongqing

I didn't really understand the Experiential Learning Cycle methodology before the Goals activities. However, after a few discussion sessions with the trainers, I started to understand the Kolb learning styles.

I really like this learning style because not only does it apply to the knowledge we gained from the Goal activities, it applies to everyday life.
My favourite discussion concerned human rights and responsibilities. What the trainers told us was very impressive. For example, one of the trainers talked about the right of self-disclosure, which I did not know about before. For people like us, from the countryside, it is very hard to communicate with others.
Although we have the urge to learn about everything around us, we are not confident enough to ask. Thus, we lose the chance to learn. I think after this experience, with everything I've learnt, I will no longer be afraid to express my opinions and express myself to other.

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