Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our Common Wealth(s)

A couple of months ago, Anjali and Sonali Mishra (yes, they're sisters!), two of our Goal champs from New Delhi, were invited to volunteer for the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. You read about their experiences volunteering during some Netball test events at Thygaraj Stadium, and now you can read about their experiences during the CWG 2010!

Anjali: "I was part of the Technical Officials for Netball. The best part, by far, was getting to watch the netball matches! I had never seen such level of sport before. It was so amazing to see how much hard work and passion each of the players puts in to their game. I only realize now that it is impossible to get anywhere without hard work. It's made me want to run on the field and practice my game as much as possible! Seeing the final match between New Zealand and Australia, especially after interacting with so many of the players beforehand, was definitely the best moment of my life!!"

Sonali: "I was a volunteer at the Sports Information Desk. I was really lucky because this meant I was able to interact with teams from all over the world. I never even knew there were so many countries in the world, especially that so many countries and so many people play netball! Apart from interacting with the teams and getting to watch such fantastic matches, my favorite memory is all the friends I made. I never would have gotten a chance to meet so many new people if not for this opportunity, I learned so much from everyone I met!"

When asked what their family thinks about their Commonwealth stint, both sisters look at each other and laugh. Sonali speaks up and says "Our parents are so proud of us. But they have made it very clear that next time they want us to be the ones on the court winning the medals!"

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