Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Global Girl News: 21 October

**A new feature where we find news and programmes from around the world and share them with you - Comment below if you have any suggestions!**

-Do you really believe that “Together We Can Change the World”? Then perhaps you might be interested to take part in this really exciting forum that will be held next October.

-Here is an interesting list of what can be done by/through young girls in order to end poverty. What else do you think should be added to the list?

-'Investing in women and girls is the key to ending global poverty’. It definitely is. Check this article out to find out why!

- ‘Girls Count’! This is an excellent online-resource for those who are interested to know why girls are important to the world!

-This is a very interesting article on young Chinese girls and HIV/AIDS. It suggests that the number of 15-24 year old girls who have been infected with HIV/AIDS is rapidly increasing. However, despite insufficient information on sex-segregated data, the author comes up with new speculations on what is going on. If you are interested to learn more check it out here.

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