Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Aya's story

Aya Agha, 15, is a student in Al Itifaq School in Amman, Jordan. Smart yet timid by nature, Aya struggled to express herself freely or stand up and talk in front of a crowd. Her shyness would hinder her from achieving her goals as she always allowed other people to express their ideas before her. This all changed however when Goal came to her community.

“I joined Goal late, but I love the program and I was determined to catch up. I really enjoy school and love reading, writing and painting. Goal encourages me to have a strong and social personality. The “Be Yourself” sessions changed me. I became comfortable in my own skin and I learned how to express myself."

Last year in an inter-school competition for the youngest business people in the country, Aya was in the the top ten finalists out of 2,000 participants. She stood in front of a crowd of people and a panel of judges and explain her project.

Speaking about the event Aya said:

"Having achieved my goals, I feel I have a responsibility to give back to the community. I will try my best to teach and set a good example by leading other girls."

We are very proud that Goal gave her the confidence to do speak out publicly and hope that Aya's story will inspire many more girls out there!

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