Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spectacular extravaganza from uni girls at India’s ‘Femfest 2012’

Femfest 2012, held by Sathyabama University in Chennai, displayed woman power in all its glory.

Setting ‘Cancer Awareness’ as the theme of the event, the girl-only affair saw a series of cultural contests, creative enterprises and workshops catering to a strong crowd of over 1000 girls from all over India.

Ms Shubharani, a Professor at the University said:“We used this as an avenue to promote cancer awareness among young women; the girls visit the Cancer Institute weekly, spend time with the patients and understand the realities of life in order to support the cause,”

Volunteers dressed in lavender and dark peach shirts and stars including singer Chinmayi, VJ Paloma and super model Pradhayini Sarvothaman graced the fest as guests and judges. There were various events like Western and Folk dance, a talent show and a themed fashion rampwalk, all designed to expose student’s talents in an enjoyable manner. The workshops on fireless cooking, personality grooming and hair styling were inundated with girls during the two days, amid a lot of giggles and hoots. But the loudest cheers were reserved for Chinmayi’s concert where the vocalist was in her elements, even mingling with the girls and joining in the celebrations.

Third year student, Sangeetha Subramanian said:“I particularly enjoyed the fashion show and the unique displays during our talent contest. The crowd went frantic and urged us to conduct this next year as well!”

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