Friday, January 13, 2012

A Young Girl in Jordon Finds that there is more to Life than her Studies

By Batool Kreishan & Manar Shgerat

Haneen is a 15 year old student from Boshra High School for Girls in Irbid. Timid and reserved by nature, Haneen struggled to interact with other children in her school and community, fearing that they wouldn’t accept her for who she was. But with the exceptional guidance of her Right To Play Coach, Manar Shgerat, and the Goal program, Haneen’s personality has transformed. She has finally realized her potential as a liberator and leader in her home town.

Led by our Right To Play country staff, Goal was introduced at Boshra school almost a year ago. The program includes workshops focused on the empowerment of young teenage girls, and arms them with the necessary tools to prepare for the future. Haneen signed up for workshops such as “Be Empowered”, “Be Yourself”, “Be Healthy” and “Be Money Savvy,” assuming they would be like any other school course.

Since then, Haneen’s self image has soared; she is now confident, friendly and curious to learn and experience new things. Now Haneen speaks up in class and at home. She speaks to her peers, engages in different activities at her school and enjoys her new role as a girl scout.

“I was at my old school for 4 years, and with all that time there I only had one friend. On the other hand, I have been in Boshra School for over a year now and I already have 25 friends”. Haneen said

With regards to her communication problems, Haneen has made an active effort to interact with her friends, teachers and family. She now discusses matters with her parents and is no longer afraid of her teachers. She constantly asks questions so that she can learn as much as possible, and reach her full potential.

“Right To Play and Goal have helped me shed the light on my true self. I feel like am a new person who loves to play sports, communicate with others and learn about many things. I also learned that I could do so much.” Haneen said

Looking back at her progress, Haneen’s mum realizes how much her daughter has changed. “I am truly amazed. It is like I have a new member in the family. She is always telling us about her day and what she wants to learn and do in the future” Haneen’s mum says

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