Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spotlight on: Girls' Empowerment Center

JoHanna Jones started the Girl's Empowerment Centre as a community resource for families and organizations to unite over raising healthy happy girls. It's not just a focus on girls, but also their families. Girls are encouraged to find their inner strength so that they can grow up strong and empowered in whatever society that they live in.

Here at Goal we LOVE reading other blogs on girls empowerment so you must check theirs out. There's some great words of advice for girls growing up.

Here's my top 3 from their blog- what are yours?

  • No one likes a drama queen so admit when you are wrong or overreact. It builds on their trust that you have the ability to be rational

  • Nothing shows the respect towards others better than the willingness to communicate

  • To face fear is to trust in who we are at a level we didn't know we were capable of
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