Monday, January 31, 2011

Spotlight on Girls in the Game

Since 1995, Girls in the Game have been doing amazing work helping girls in Chicago. Every year, 2,500 girls participate in one of their sports programmes, receiving health and fitness education. This education empowers the girls to make smarter and healthier lifestyle choices. Plus, their leadership skills, both on and off the field, are developed.

And there are loads of sports to choose from: soccer, basketball, swimming and yoga- there really is something for everyone!

Girls in the Game realise that nowadays girls face all kinds of problems and pressures like obesity, violence, poor nutrition and health, peer pressure and low self-esteem. Girls in the Game help by using sports and fitness to address all these issues.
The results speak for themselves! The girls who complete the programmes end up having better self-esteem, better body image and are more likely to achieve higher grades.
Like Goal, Girls in the Game empower girls through sports so that they discover new levels of self-belief and confidence!

Amy Skeen, Executive Director of Girls in the Game has this to say about her organisation: "I think one of the unique things about Girls in the Game is that we take sports and fitness opportunities and combine that with health education for girls- nutrition, body image and leadership development- and bring it together to make programmes that address the whole girl."
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