Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Environment Day celebrations!

To mark World Environment Day, activities were organised throughout our Goal camps in India.

At the Chennai camp, 18 girls from the Saidapet communities were taught the importance of conserving water. Our programme coordinators explained that boiling water before you drink it will stop diseases spreading and keep you healthy. The girls were also surprised that there was a specific way to brush your teeth and wash your hands using steps that are easy to follow and remember. The girls promised to show their friends and families what they had learned.

Some of our staff volunteered to help educate 48 girls on how to protect the environment. The girls and our volunteers planted four trees in their school grounds and even named them! They promised to take good care of the trees. The day ended with a visit to the beautiful Lodhi Gardens.
About 30 Goal girls joined 300 of our staff in cleaning up Juhu beach for the day. The girls were reminded of their duties and responsibilities of taking care of their local environment.

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