Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Volunteer Story: Meenakshi

(Meenakshi, front and centre, at a recent training of trainers) 

Meenakshi has been a volunteer on Goal in Delhi since the early days. In addition to her demanding day job at Standard Chartered, she has tireless given her time and effort and is now one of our Volunteer Coordinators.

We asked Meenakshi to tell us what she liked about Goal and here's what she had to say:

One of the most rewarding bits of work that I have completed in my 20 years at Standard Chartered is working with Goal. Money is a great testament to success. Smiles are more rewarding, though. To be at the helm of a team that makes these smiles show on otherwise despondent faces - is life changing.

It would be grossly unfair to say that the Goal program was for the sole benefit of the community. We had more learning as a team - learnings which we aim to imbibe in our working with great zest. We often get lost in the banal "everydays" of life - where we are going, what we are trying to achieve often blurs amidst procedures and routines. Goal taught us the essence of focus - of an untiring resolve to become better. The spirit to improve, in every circumstance, in the the face of every adversity. Our team realizes that we will take Standard Chartered several paces forward by adopting the same I-will-not-give-up attitude. Strife is the purpose, strife is the glory.

The openness to learn from unknown "Strangers" - clients, other teams, superiors, subordinates - the way our Goal beneficiaries did is an attribute we need to hone more. Often there is reluctance in conceding to a better way of doing things, a resistance to acknowledging ignorance. Goal taught us how easy it is to grow - admitting the need to learn and the need to know is perhaps the biggest battle won.

But it all pales in front of the overarching joy at seeing young girls breaking shackles of outdated traditions, economic backwardness and social oppression - and their metamorphosis into confident, self-reliant and happy members of the community. The feeling that they belong, the same way that we do. Goal has been humbling, extremely valuable and largely unforgettable expereince . It was truly a pleasure and an honour to be associated, I wish our "Goal" does not stop here and lead us all to greater heights!!

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