Thursday, December 24, 2009

Global Girl News: Dec 24, 2009

  • Did you know that adolescent pregnancy and childbirth related deaths are the number one killer of 15-19 years old girls? Each year 2.2 to 4 million adolescents resort to unsafe abortion, and ninety nine per cent of maternal deaths occur in the developing world. It is important to note that 74 per cent are preventable. If you are interested to learn more, then take a look at this article.

  • Have you ever thought about the ways in which HIV is linked to poverty and gender inequality? According to this study, there is a growing infection rate among young women and adolescent girls between the ages of 15 and 24. One third of all women living with HIV also fall within this age range. For example, in Sub-Saharan Africa, an overwhelming three-quarters of those living with HIV are female. Take a look at this study and let us know your thoughts!

  • Here is a list of some very empowering stories and narratives on various gender related issues and concerns. I especially like Khushbu’s story, let us know which one is your favorite!

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