Monday, April 6, 2009

Spotlight: Meet Jyoti

Jyoti has been part of GOAL for the past two years.

When asked about GOAL, Jyoti (with her ever-smiling eyes) replies: "GOAL is fun, it's freedom, and lots and lots of learning."

Jyoti is part of a very conservative family. She dropped out of school due to poor economic conditions and spent most of her time doing household work. She used to attend the vocational centre run by Prerana and when she heard about GOAL, she joined - Jyoti thought this would be a great opportunity for her to do something different to cooking and cleaning.

Initially, she was very aggressive, using abusive language and fighting with all the other girls at the sessions. However, as time progressed, she got more involved with the programme. The sessions on Communication and Dealing with Peer Pressure helped her gradually calm her behaviour. She started taking the initiative during netball games, understanding well the rules and regulations. She didn't miss sessions and mastered the game quickly - she is now considering becoming a community coach.

After completing GOAL, Jyoti was selected to become a GOAL Champion. She participated in the Train the Trainer workshop and this proved to be a turning point for her. She joined the sessions enthusiastically, and her body language and communication skills improved greatly.

Recognising her potential to be a professional netball player, Jyoti was given the opportunity to participate in the selection camp for the senior national netball tournament. She convinced her parents to allow her to attend the camp where she practiced with senior professional players and performed very well.

The camp also taught her valuable social and communication skills relating to the senior players. She has returned to Aali with a passion to impart netball training and leadership skills to a new batch of girls. She aspires to excel in netball and also wants to resume her school studies.

"Jyoti has truly undergone a lot of change, particularly with her new self confidence.She has not only brought about changes in herself but also change in the outlook of her family towards her GOAL participation, she has gained their trust and confidence.Above all, she is a great netball player." Abidi, Community Coordinator, Prerana

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